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Hypocrisy in Washington D.C.

I have posted already on this blog a few problem’s with President Obama’s attack against Libya. I posted some of the Constitutional problems with his attack–how, under the Constitution, only Congress can declare war.  Well now, I would like to … Continue reading

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A prayer request

To whom it may concern: I would appreciate prayer over the next few weeks for focus and determination. I have a research paper that I’m working on this semester (my first research paper) and I’m having trouble dedicating myself too … Continue reading

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Executive Authority Tested

President Obama recently authorized airstrikes against Libya in agreement with the UN. While this may come as good news for some -after all, Kadhafi has been slaughtering the rebels in his nation now, for some time -A problem arises. Can … Continue reading

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So, this morning I got up at 6:30, took my shower, fed my lamb, and started my devotions. When I finished, I started thinking about the schoolwork I need to get done today. I realized that I needed to focus … Continue reading

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